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The chemistry behind the coatings has evolved from conventional technologies, to the latest innovations in high solids, waterborne and UV-cure technologies....formulations that have a reduced impact on the environment, while still meeting the stringent aesthetics and durability requirements of our customers.

GCPPL products provide unique benefits to adhesives such as fast and low temperature cure, excellent thermal shock resistance, low viscosity for solvent-free systems, and good overall chemical and mechanical properties. Selecting the appropriate curing agent will depend on desired adhesive properties such as target viscosity, cure speed, adhesion strength development at certain conditions, application method, and overall performance.

Our products find use in structural adhesive applications such as automotive, electronics/electrical, and building and construction. Various industries can take advantage of unique properties of CNSL based curing agents, epoxy products, and polyols for enhancing its performance.

Product Amine value (mg KOH/gm) Viscosity at 25°C (cPs) Color (GS) AHEW Applications
GP 425 340-370 60000–100000 Max 8 155 Putty manufacturing fast curing
GP 426 300 - 350 15000 - 30000 Max 8 160 Putty manufacturing medium curing
GP 427 180-230 15000-30000 Max 8 150 Putty manufacturing long time curing
GP 428 500-600 500-1500 Max 8 95 Marble repairing Hardeners